Find the 5 differences! Find all differences within 100 seconds. When you spot a difference tap on it, but be careful.. There is a 10 seconds time penalty for each incorrect guess.

The photos have many predefined differences and for each round 5 random differences are selected, so no two rounds are ever the same. 

Photos include buildings, people at work, hair dresser, pet shop, candy and sweets, pastry and cakes, farm animals like horses and sheep and dogs, board games like scrabble and rummicub, oldtimer classic car, modern train and many more.

Release date May 02, 2014
AuthorBdR Games
Tagsfind-the-differences, hidden-object, html5

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Liked the game, though. :) 

Does the picture on the right have five differences?

Yes it's always 5 differences, but the same photo will have a different combination of 5 differences each round. The included edited photos each have about 16~18 differences but the game will pick 5 at random for each game.